Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board Review

Hoverboards are gaining popularity among the trendy crowd, and among that group, the Swagway brand has carried certain connotations.

The biggest question is: is it just the brand name, or do Swagway hoverboards really live up to the hype? The brand sits among the top sellers for hoverboards on market, with thousands of users posting feedback on their products. Are they really worth it?

Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Board, White

Swagway boards are geared towards the younger crowd. Available in a variety of colors and configurations, the X1 Hands-free Smart Board is the preferred core model on market. Swagway’s premier offering has scored a solid four star rating on market despite its hefty price tag.

This is certainly not a budget priced board, but people seem to love it despite its extravagant cost. Underneath all of that, is this a case of people paying for the brand name, or buying an excellent board that delivers all of the promises it makes?

Overview of the Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board

This board claims to be the fastest and lightest hoverboard on the market, optimized for zero degree turns and capable of climbing a fifteen degree incline. The board goes up to ten miles per hour, and lasts for 20 miles per charge.

Most boards last around ten miles, meaning the Swagway offers about twice the battery power of competitive models. Swagway also offers a one year warranty if you register online, offering you some purchase protection.

Swagway X1 Hands-Free Hoverboard

This hoverboard comes in a variety of colors. Lime green, garnet, light pink, black, and gold are all available. If you’re looking for a personal touch, or two people in the same house both intend on getting a Swagway hoverboard, you have the added convenience of these color options.

This board auto balances, so all the rider needs to do is position their weight in the direction they want to travel. Shifting left and right will turn the board, and leaning back sends it into reverse.

Swagway encourages users to ride this hoverboard the same way they’d ride a skateboard – so tricks and jumps are encouraged and supported by the durability of this model. At 23 pounds, this board lightweight. This means tricks can be executed with ease without the weight of the hoverboard interfering with jumps and steep ramps.

Pros and Cons

Nobody is eager to share cons of this product. For the most part, everyone seems to be very happy with their purchase. In the past, there seem to have been some damaged Swagways sent out, which were promptly replaced.

These models seem to have lost connectivity with the battery, causing them to malfunction. That was a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, and it seems to have been resolved by the company.


  • Company offers a one year warranty with online product registration.
  • Double the battery life of similar hoverboards, so you can go twice the distance on a single charge.
  • Multiple color selections allow you to choose the color of the board you want, instead of a standard black or white model.
  • Swagway designs their boards for performing tricks, so they’re more durable than normal hoverboards.
  • Zero degree turning allows you to swifty maneuver your hoverboard.


  • Faulty battery connectors were a problem in some older units, though this seems to be fixed now.
  • Some of the colors are only available seasonally, so you may have to wait for the color you want if it isn’t the standard black or red options.
  • Lithium ion battery is located under the footpad of the boards, so hard jumps can affect the integrity of the battery if you stomp too hard on the surface.

What costumers say

Some customers who received Swagways from the faulty batch there initially disappointed in their reviews, though many of them amended their reviews once Swagway utilized the warranty to replace and repair the boards in question.

This was a slight upset that isn’t necessarily indicative of the quality of all Swagway hoverboards. Since the resolution of this issue, you shouldn’t be concerned that you’ll receive a broken battery connector.

Aside from that temporary inconvenience, everyone seems to be happy with the hoverboard they received. Some reviewers have gone in depth, comparing this particular hoverboard to other popular hoverboards currently on the market.

When stacked against budget brands, the souped-up features offered by the Swagway seems to outshine less expensive competitors every time – especially in the eyes of true hoverboard enthusiasts.

Many reviewers mention that they enjoy riding their hoverboards to work. Swagway designs their product with urban environments in mind, so they operate well on bumpy sidewalks and transitions between sidewalks, roads, and dirt. If you’re looking to stop riding the bus or rely on your car a little less, this hoverboard will help you fill in the gaps with transportation.

The fact that it can be used for tricks just happens to be an excellent bonus.

Our Rating

This hoverboard earns its reputation. Though this is one of the most expensive hoverboards on the market, you get what you pay for. In terms of battery life, speed, and durability, it’s really hard to beat the Swagway Hands Free board.

This is a hoverboard that will get you to and from work with some battery life to spare, and you’ll be able to do some cool tricks along the way.

Final Verdict

This board is great for someone who intends on using their hoverboard as a means of actual transportation.

It’s just as good for athletic people who love learning new stunts. The younger crowd will really love these, and they already do. For many people who live in the city, these are becoming a replacement for a car.

The distance you get from one charge makes this feasible, and it’s nowhere near as expensive as purchasing your own car or constantly paying for Ubers, cabs, or busses. The price tag may seem steep initially, but over time, this hoverboard really does pay for itself.