Review of the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Best Electric Skateboard

Everyone is dying to get their hands on the latest technology, and that applies to athletically inclined people who are buying up all of the new high-tech electric sports equipment.

Electric skateboards, despite being relatively new, have become a big hit among users.

Electric skateboards allow you to do things that would never be possible with a traditional skateboard, and people are fascinated with their innovative capabilities.

Whenever a new product hits the market and becomes popular, a lot of imitators release their version. Electric skateboards are no different in this regard. Many manufacturers offer electric skateboards now.

Some of them are high priced, and out of those, only a few of them are truly worth it. You want to make sure you aren’t wasting your money, and this can be complicated for someone who’s new to electric skateboards.

New technology comes with a price tag, and for best electric skateboards, that price can sometimes be quite high. If you’re planning on investing in an electric skateboard, you want to be sure that the one you purchase is going to work out for you. Make in inventory of your needs.

  • What do you plan on using your electric skateboard?
  • How fast do you need it to go?
  • What will the average distance of your commute be, and how often will you use your board?

If you’re looking for something that will give you reliable performance at a reasonable price, you may find that the Yuneec electric skateboard is built to fit your needs.

Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Best Electric Skateboard

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Yuneec markets this board as featuring aviation brushless motor technology, which is one of the best technologies available for motor construction.

The board itself weighs about 14 pounds, making it relatively easy to transport. It comes with an ergonomically designed wireless hand controller to give the rider the tools to optimize their ride.

One charge can last up to 18 miles of distance, which is more than double the distance offered by other manufacturers. This deck is also flexible, featuring what Yuneec calls their patented “6 flex” technology.

This electric skateboard features a flexible battery pack, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the battery when performing stunts or taking harsh turns on your board.

The highest possible speed is about 12 miles per hour on a smooth surface, with hills and very bumpy roads slowing the board down a little bit.

While this isn’t as fast as some other boards, first time riders or casual enthusiasts may feel safer on a board with a modest top speed. This makes the board safe enough for teenagers, as they can’t get too adventurous and push this board up to a breakneck speed.


Because of this electric skateboard’s certified lithium ion battery, it’s able to tackle a lot for a long period of time. Having a long-lasting battery is very important when it comes to electric sports equipment.

In order for the equipment to be safe, the battery has to be reliable. A battery that can die or short circuit in the middle of operating the electric skateboard up or down hill at top speed is potentially dangerous.

You’ll be able to take comfort in knowing that this electric skateboard has one of the best batteries available on the market.

The top speed of 12 miles per hour is fast enough for learners and experienced riders alike. At 12 miles per hour, you’ll be able to get from place to place in a reasonable timeframe, and you’ll also be able to perform stunts or tricks with your board.

This speed limit also assures the safety of the rider. With some boards being able to go over 20 miles per hour, this increases the risk posed to the rider should a collision or fall occur at top speed. The speed cap makes this board ideal for teenagers – parents won’t have to worry about teenagers speeding on this board and potentially becoming involved in an accident.

The battery life of 18 miles gives you a lot of wiggle room. You’ll be able to take this electric skateboard to or from work on a single charge in most cases, and you may even have some battery life left to spare.

Being able to go this far on one charge should give you some peace of mind. You’re less likely to worry that your board is going to die while you’re using it. When coupled with the battery indicator to tell you how much power you have left, this handy feature helps you plan.

The construction of this board increases the torque potential. If your commute involves a lot of hills you couldn’t tackle with a regular skateboard, you’d be surprised how much easier it is with this electric skateboard.

Most moderate hills are a breeze for the solid wheels, and the battery pack provides enough juice for you to make the climb without draining down your ride time.

Yuneec E-GO Electric Skateboard Wheels

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It goes without saying that you should always wear the proper safety equipment while you’re riding your electric skateboard. Knee and elbow pads, and especially helmets, reduce the risk of serious injury in the event that an accident should occur.

It’s better to be prepared than to take your chances and wind up unprotected in a collision. Always read the manufacturer’s safety guidelines for what equipment should be used, and abide by the suggested weight limit.

Never ride your board in unsafe environments, such as indoor areas that are full of furniture. Always check the ground for debris, potholes, or large rocks that can potentially damage your skateboard or cause you to lose your balance. Make sure you’re comfortable with your ability to ride the board before you take it near major roads or intersections.

In some ways, the top speed of this board acts as a safety feature. Since the top speed is modestly set at 12 miles per hour, you don’t have to worry about the board going faster than you’re able to control.

It’s a decent speed, but it’s not so fast that the board is difficult to ride. Just because the maximum speed is 12 miles per hour, that doesn’t mean you should constantly go that fast. Find where you’re comfortable, and stick to that speed.

What Reviewers Have to Say

Overall, most people who have given this electric skateboard an honest shot are satisfied by the value for money.

Riders in environments with a lot of hills are surprised by the amount of ride time they get with the terrain working against them. They also say that the top speed is very manageable in crowded conditions, such as bustling city environments with narrow sidewalks.

Since the acceleration is good, riders are able to slow down and speed up depending on the variables of their surrounding environments.

Other reviewers pay complements to the simplicity of the features and specs, such as how lightweight the board is and the functionality of the wireless remote. When compared to other electric skateboards, users love how slim and compact this board is.

The patented technology used to keep the board flexible means that there is no large, unsightly battery pack hanging off the bottom. The compactness of the battery makes it less prone to damage, because it isn’t hanging down near the ground where curbs can bump and damage it.

There aren’t many complaints to list, but a few reviewers have mentioned some things they’d like Yuneec to improve upon with further versions of this board. Since the board is one wheel drive, users would prefer if the braking were more responsive.

Emergency stops can feel a little jerky, so riders should brace themselves in the event that they need to come to an unexpected halt.

Some users say that the board is slightly difficult to control in very rainy weather. Wet surfaces can cause the board to lose traction, and the rider may slip. Issues are avoidable if you simply avoid riding your electric skateboard in unsafe whether conditions.

This concern is very minor, and most people won’t find themselves in such a situation.

In general, users are pleased with their investment. They love the way the Yuneec board simplifies their commutes. They feel safe and comfortable riding this electric skateboard in a variety of environments and under a variety of circumstances.

Users in both urban and suburban areas admire the way this board makes their lives easier, and how fun it is to ride.

Final Verdict

The Yuneec Ego Cruiser is the best pick for teenagers and young adults. It’s affordable price makes it more accessible for younger people who live in urban areas, and for some, this board can replace a car.

You can’t beat the savings you’ll experience in gas, and for short trips, you can eliminate a bus or train ride. Even when maxed out, it’s safe enough for everyone to enjoy. While there are plenty of pricier boards on the market, they’re best left for serious enthusiasts or experienced riders.

This electric skateboard is better than entry level, but equipped with all of the right features for a reasonable cost. Yuneec Ego electric skateboard is one of the best electric scooters what are available on market.