Review of the Airwheel Self-balance Electric Bike Two Wheels Scooter S3 520wh

Electric two wheel self-balancing scooters have been a hit since Segways became popular.

Ever since then, a lot of popular sports equipment manufacturers have been trying their hands at creating unique self-balancing scooters that offer their own set of innovations.

Airwheel is one of those companies that’s looking to compete with the bigger names in the electric transporter scooter business.

the Airwheel Self-balance Electric Bike Two Wheels Scooter S3 520wh

Because of that competition, you’re getting top-notch technology at a price that’s slightly lower than those set by major brands. With a solid reputation and several years of manufacturing experience, Airwheel offers a product you should feel good about investing in.

This company makes some of the highest rated, bestselling electric sports equipment. Since Segways cost upwards of $6,000, it’s understandable why the average consumer would want to find a personal transporter at a more reasonable price.

You may be surprised to find one in Airwheel’s product line for only a fraction of what the major brand charges.


Airwheel Self-balance Electric Bike

The company is very straightforward about the specifications of this personal transporter, and they don’t leave anything to the imagination. In terms of speed, this self-balancing scooter can go as fast as 18 kilometers per hour, though an alert will signal you when you reach 12 kilometers per hour in order to help you maintain a safe speed.

With a 520 wh battery that’s protected by SOC equalization, you’ll be able to safely top out this transporter if you’re travelling for speed.

The scooter will fully charge in about 360 minutes, and should hit 80% around the 90 minute mark.

Airwheel Self-balance Scooter

How far you can get on a single charge depends on a variety of factors, including your weight and the terrain you’re riding on. Keeping your personal transporter at maximum speed will cause the battery to drain faster, reducing your travel range.

Depending on how you use the product, you’ll be able to get anywhere between 15 to 65 kilometers per hour on a full battery, which is a considerable discrepancy. You’ll need to figure out how to ride and use the transporter in order to determine how to maximize the duration of your charge.

The scooter comes with a charger, a handlebar bag, and a kickstand.


This personal transporter works as well as you’ll allow it to. It’s capable of climbing angles as steep as 15 degrees, and its ability to climb and maintain speed depends on the weight of the rider.

This transporter can handle up to 120 kg of rider weight, making it a solid performer for riders of all ages and sizes.

The lithium ion battery is strong and guaranteed to last a long time without requiring a replacement. When stacked against other transporters, this one is lighter weight.

This makes it easy to ride on rough terrain or even uphill for an extended distance without losing as much speed or putting nearly as much strain on the already powerful battery.

This personal transporter is built to be durable if used properly. Personal transporters are intended for light use in any environment, and as long as you don’t abuse the transporter or attempt to perform stunts with it, this unit is intended to last for several years.


If you are a beginner with personal transporters, full safety equipment is necessary. Helmets, as well as knee and elbow pads, are necessary to protect a learner.

If you intend on riding fast, you should make sure you’re wearing the recommended safety gear at all times. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to safely using and riding your personal transporter.

Only ride your transporter in safe environments. These are not intended for stunts and trick riding, and attempting to do these things can pose a significant risk to your safety. Make sure you’re confident in your ability to operate your transporter before taking it out for a real ride.

What Reviewers Have to Say

The majority of users are passionately satisfied with their Airwheel transporters. Some users are quick to outright declare that this product is better than the similar product offered by Segway, which is great news for anyone who’s looking for the quality offered by that brand without the exorbitant price tag.

One reviewer suffers from mild paralysis and bought this transporter to simplify his everyday life. He uses it as a mobility device to help him accomplish things he wasn’t ordinarily able to accomplish, and he appreciates the boost in speed he gets from his device.

Buyers in similar situations will be happy to know that they’ll be able to regain the independence they feel as though they’ve lost with a personal transporter.

People who have purchased Airwheel transporters for their children are satisfied with their level of safety and durability for younger riders.

Parents looking for the perfect gift for their children remark that their kids were overwhelmingly excited, and eager to learn how to ride their transporters. They can relax knowing that their children are safe when supervised on the transporter.

Customers who experienced any issues seem to be satisfied with the customer service they received.

Replacement parts, such as chargers, were shipped by the seller immediately. In the event that you experience any issues with your personal transporters, you can take comfort in knowing that the service team is on call for all of our concerns and will be happy to rectify the problem.

Final Verdict

Don’t be suckered in by big brand names that charge an arm and a leg for their personal transporters.

Airwheel provides you an excellent quality, long lasting transporter for less than half the price of all the others. This transporter is safe, affordable, and efficient for people of all ages.

You won’t have to worry about the safety of children or teens who want to take it out for a ride, and even senior citizens will be able to enjoy it with relative ease due to its self-balancing properties and easy to grip handlebars.

This transporter is certainly worth the money, and it will pay for itself over the many years you’ll be able to use it.