Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″ Two Wheel Hoverboard Review

Leray is a leading manufacturer of hoverboards. While all hoverboards generally have the same style,

Leray’s is a little more unique in its construction. It still has the same airless tires and dual footpad surface that others have, though Leray’s is a little more compact in its height. This hoverboard looks a little more futuristic than others on the market, but is it more than just looks? Users seem to think so.

A hoverboard is a big investment. With the prices of some boards exceeding $500, and some as little as $250, it can be hard to spot the subtle differences that make the pricier models worth the money.

No one wants to waste money on things they don’t need, and no one wants to save money on a hoverboard that will turn out to be useless. Since Leray’s prices run on the higher end of the spectrum, it can be difficult at first glance to determine whether or not these hoverboards are going to live up to their price tags.

Overview of the Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″ Two Wheel Hoverboard with Certified Safe Battery Pack

Leray Hoverboard

The Leray hoverboard will go about 15 kilometers per hour, lasting about six hours before it needs to be recharged. The battery takes about 2 and a half hours to power up from empty. The battery is one of the core features of this hoverboard.

While some manufacturers use generic batteries that not only lack power, but are also substantially dangerous, Leray prides itself on using genuine, certified batteries. Inside you’ll find an LG lithium ion battery, which is guaranteed to last longer than the knockoff batteries in some budget hoverboards.

Like most higher end hoverboards, this one also comes in a variety of colors. Leray offers red, white, black, and blue models. This is helpful in households that have more than one hoverboard, so it’s easy to tell them apart.

It’s also great for a personal touch, especially if they make it in your favorite color. Just remember that it won’t look perfect forever – the paint is prone to scratch on well used hoverboards because they’re meant to be ridden rough.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons on this hoverboard are particularly confusing. Some people seem to absolutely love it, and others find themselves burdened with unusual problems regarding the board’s wheels. Those problems may not be what they seem, and at the root of things, may actually be the fault of the user.


  • Genuine battery guarantees your safety. Models with generic batteries often overheat, or even catch fire if they’re left on the charger for too long. No one has reported this issue with the lithium ion LG battery pack in the Leray hoverboard.
  • Weighing in at 29 pounds, this hoverboard is light enough to carry, but heavy enough with withstand potholes and rocks on a riding surface.
  • Charges faster than less expensive hoverboards, so it’s ready to use in less time.


  • Some people have reported that this hoverboard as screeching wheels, or that only one wheel moves. While it’s possible that defective hoverboards have been sent out or that some hoverboards have been damaged in shipping, this isn’t always the case. This scooter requires the weight to be evenly distributed before it will work properly. If you don’t stand right on the foot sensors and step with equal pressure, this can cause the appearance of a problem that’s actually the fault of the rider.
  • Some people report that this model doesn’t hold up well in grass unless the grass is cut very short. Short grass might be the ideal environment to test your hoverboard in, but you won’t be able to enjoy riding it with the grass interfering with the wheels.

What Reviewers Think

A lot of reviewers who have tested this hoverboard against others have been kind enough to write thorough reviews about their experiences with the Leray brand. Reviewers mention that the turning is very intuitive, one of them stating that you merely have to think about the turn and the hoverboard practically turns itself.

Everyone seems to be happy with the battery life. It charges quickly, and the battery holds up to constant use throughout the day. It maintains enough power to push on at maximum speed, although it does slow down when climbing uphill.

Many reviewers suggest that the tricks to mastering this hoverboard are somewhat counterintuitive. For example, this board works the best when users lean forward to balance, rather than leaning back. It works with your body rather than against it. For some people, this will take some getting used to, though the people who have already mastered this hoverboard swear by its controls.

Our Rating

We puts this hoverboard at a solid four stars. It’s different, and it’s something you may want to try if other hoverboards haven’t worked out well for you in the past. It is one of the most expensive you’ll find on market, but you have the guarantee of a genuine battery pack.

As with most hoverboards, you’re getting what you pay for in terms of the battery. It’s worth a little extra money to guarantee your safety, and the product will last longer than one with a cheaper battery.

Final Verdict

Leray hoverboards are comparable to the ones manufactured by Swagway, with a few considerable differences. While Swagways are designed to do tricks with, Leray boards are not. You can still do tricks with both, but you won’t run into a lot of the issues that people who buy trick boards are often faced with.

This is a great hoverboard for both children and adults. Though the board itself is quite mature in its design, children will be able to appreciate it just as much. These are high quality family friendly hoverboards. Buy one to share, or buy two so you can give one to your favorite riding partner.